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A quick little tutorial video to explain how factions work - of our custom features include1. Crop Hoppers (When holding a hopper do [/converthopper crop] and it will change that hopper into a "CropHopper" this hopper will pickup and cactus dropped in the chunk from a cactus farm2. HeadHunting (HeadHunting Is our custom leveling system that allows you to get free crate keys! First thing you need to do is kill a pig and do [/sellheads] and put the head it drops into there! once you sell enough you can do [/levelup] and you will go onto the next level! It will tell you what the mob is next!3. Custom Enchants (All will be revealed soon)4. Chunk Destroyers (Brought at [/warp base]  for 100k it will destroy all the blocks in the chunk you place it inSome extras1. Mobs don't naturally spawn (You need spawners)2. Cactus farms are op (If you use a crophopper)3. melon farms are op (If you use fortune 3)
5 months ago